Gossip Girl's Fashion

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Gossip Girl's Fashion

Post  Mango_ on Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:23 am

Guess, I'll rant a bit!!

Well, I think you guys know the series Gossip Girl, -not like I'm a huge fan of 'em but I like to watch that. :D

And that's not the point of this thread because I WANTED TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT, AMIGAWD I LOVE THE STYLE OF GOSSIP GIRL. All of 'em. x:
Especially Blair Waldorf's in-movie Style. Q_____Q!!

Even the Hairbands, I love their Hairbands. :x

I know, a lot of pics but I almost love every single dress or hairband of them. Q___Q
If they only would sell that in germany..
I love Panty hose, ballerinas and coats!! Omg, I'm such a fashion addict! Q____Q

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